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About us

WeCare Technologies is a Performance Marketing Network that also goes with the name of (WeCare Network ) which deals with various channels of online and digital marketing.

What is Performance Marketing? – Performance Marketing is also known as Cost Per Action Marketing where the advertiser only pays when successful action has been taken on their Offer/Campaign instead of paying for clicks or traffic.Why pay for traffic if you can pay for action?

The company was founded by our visionary CEO, who has dealt with various channels of online marketing and also worked as an affiliate himself apart from leading sales and marketing section of different firms in his tenure. We have a simple objective in mind and that is to make marketing easy and accessible for everybody – it doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an experienced in online marketing. After all, why does it have to be hard? We are specialized in taking any kind of legal business and making it successful as in your success, we find ours. With our partners and direct affiliates, possibilities are endless. Whether you need a presence on social media, pay per lead, downloads, email marketing, or much more we have got you covered.

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