One Stop Performance Marketing Solution for Businesses
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WeCare Affiliate Network focuses on Performance Marketing – that means Advertisers pays only for successful action based campaigns. By working closely with our advertisers, it’s always in our best interest that every individual campaign is successful and the advertiser gets best ROI in his/her campaign – that’s why we are here after all. WeCare Technologies will not only manage your online marketing campaigns for you but it will also share the best possible strategy for your campaign to make it a success.  As in your success, we find ours, why would we compromise anywhere to leave your success behind?

Whether you want to launch a new e-commerce business, or simply want to launch something useful for consumers or maybe you are simply looking to get better results with your existing campaigns – it doesn’t matter what your campaign objective is, we are here with you with trusted publishers and partners.

We work in some of the best Verticals in the Industry :

  • Software downloads/Installation
  • Travel
  • E-commerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Finance
  • Mobile Content
  • App installations – Android/ios
  • Pay Per Call.
  • Entertainment

What do our Advertisers get?

  • Dedicated Account Manager who will help you in reaching the best outcome of your campaign.
  • Private Tracker (Also accessible from mobile) to check your daily conversions and stats (LIVE) with Anti-fraud measures.
  • Dedicated Traffic from our experienced and exceptional Affiliates/Publishers and Media Partners who are masters in your Vertical.


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